What is a smart community?


Smart communities use information communication technologies and data to be more efficient, solve challenges, and provide new opportunities. 

They enjoy cost and energy savings, improved service delivery, better quality of life and a reduced environmental footprint. They support innovation and the global economy. 

Smart communities advocate for the integration of technology and data infrastructure, promote digital technologies to increase the capability of existing infrastructure and services, and champion citizen involvement and citizen-focused service delivery.


Key elements of a smart community 

Smart capacity

Raising the level of digital skills of the people in the community to boost creativity, knowledge sharing and experimentation.


Smart innovation

Driving the digital economy with new digital applications, services, community enterprise, job creation and economic growth.


Smart infrastructure  

Anything “material” that aids faster, more reliable connectivity, eg fixed line, mobile, wireless / WiFi and data centre services, as well as the tools required to plan and implement enhanced digital infrastructure.