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ASCA has created a membership structure and fees which will ensures that our offering is fair, equitable and valuable for all. We have considered how we can assist both the Cities and Regions, but also other sections of our Smart Community, such as the Private Sector and NGOS. We work hard to engage our membership, but at the long and short of it is what you put into ASCA you will get out of ASCA. So don’t be shy, engage, share and enjoy the benefits of membership. If you need any further information before you sign up for ASCA Membership please review the quick-links below:

The application process

  • Step One: Complete the form below.

  • Step Two: Our team will email you an invoice, you will be able to process this invoice online.

  • Step Three: You will be sent an a membership sign up form. This form ensures we get the right information from you, about your organisation.

  • Step Five: You will receive a membership sign up pack, this pack should be sent to the staff in your organisation to ensure they get the benefits of membership.

  • Step Six: Engage with us! We’ve created a handy checklist of ways that you can maximise your membership and help us to achieve the collective goals of our Smart Community.

Membership Application Form

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