Volunteer for ASCA



E-News Guest Editor

Help ASCA manage its weekly e-news. Working with the GM, you will ensure that ASCA members receive the most relevant up to date content, and area evenly represented in our e-news. This role will require the following:

  • Identification of key news sources

  • Ensuring ASCA receives relevant press releases to source content for e-news

  • Hand selection of content for inclusion in ASCA news

  • ASCA GM will provide the final sign off on content and work with you to ensure you receive the relevant support.

  • This role is anticipated to take two hours per week.

    To apply please click here providing a short email which outlines your relevant experience, and availability to perform this role.

Online Seminar Curator and Host

Our monthly online seminars are a hit with the members. We are seeking an individual who can confidently manage our monthly online seminar program. This role will include:

  • Curation of content/annual program

  • Proving an introduction to seminar speakers

  • Sending reminder emails with log in details

  • Collating seminar feedback

  • Adding seminar recording to Vimeo/members portal

This role will require approximately 6 hours per month. Please click here to apply for this role.

Marketing and Promotional Support Network

Do you have access to an audience? Are you willing to help ASCA promote its activities? We are creating a network of individuals who are able to promote ASCA, our services, our reports. For you this might even mean a simple post to your LinkedIn, or including this information in your internal e-news?

How does this work? Simply add your contact details to our mailing list and we will forward on anything that we are seeking assistance promoting.

ASCA Members Portal Curator

Whilst we are pretty happy with the direction of our members portal, we know that it needs some more love. This role would expect that a volunteer:

  • Assesses the content

  • Maps out design/UX

  • Edits the portal to suit new designs

If this is something you would like to manage for us, please get in touch.