ASCA Policy

As the national peak industry association for smart digital community, broadband and digital economic development ASCA works with business, advisory groups, industry and all levels of government to advocate for and influence public policy that supports Australia’s transition to a digital economy. Our aim is to be a leading voice by developing policy on smart communities and publishing material to influence change.


Discussion Papers

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Draft Paper for Discussion - National Mobile & Wireless Network rollout principles

This Draft for Discussion Paper outlines common principles and recommendations for efficient, unified and community viable rollout of next generation mobile and wireless (5G & LPWAN) infrastructure.

Download the National Mobile & Wireless Network rollout principles Paper.

* Feedback on the paper is sought and can be directed to


'Re-imagining the Local Government Operation Model' Discussion Paper

This paper looks at how implementing modern reform in Australian local government can help to realise the full potential of smart communities. The discussion paper marks the beginning of a larger body of work which will explore how Government's can implement these recommendations.

Download the Re-imagining the Local Government Operation Model Discussion Paper. 

* Feedback on the paper and individuals experiences on the matter are also being sought via the completion of this online four minute survey

White Papers


What makes a smart community?

ASCA's White Paper explores the best practice elements that encapsulate the creation and strategy of a Smart Community. It emphasizes how Smart Communities are cities and regions that use information and communications technology (ICT) to enhance and diversify, solve social and infrastructure problems, support growth and enrich lives in the 21st Century. The intended audience of this White Paper includes Australian cities, regions and communities who are planning or implementing Smart Community initiatives using next generation broadband connectivity and digital technologies.

Download the What makes a smart community White Paper.

Policy alerts

Radiocommunications (LIPD) Class Licence 2015

ASCA sought member feedback regarding proposed changes to this licence. This feedback was consolidated into an ASCA submission to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). 

Download the LIPD class licence policy alert.