New ASCA Membership Fees and Structure

Introducing the new and improved Membership Fees and Structure- DESIGNED TO INCENTIVISE COLLABORATION

On January 7th, 2019 the ASCA Board approved changes to the ASCA Membership Offering. These changes have been made with a view of achieving multiple goals. Such as adding additional value to the membership offering, clarity and fairness to all of our valued members. These changes are effective immediately.

In addition, as a small not for profit we have a responsibility to our members to ensure that our offering is sustainable. This means that we need to ensure that our revenue contributes sustainably to delivering the service offering. As you will continue to read below this has resulted in shifts, and increases in prices. They are explained in detail within this article.

The overall aims:

Fairness- We have shifted categories within membership pricing to achieve what is fair based on the revenue, and overall standing of each organisation. In addition we have ensured that these changes will fairly remunerate the association for it’s good work, and ensure that the association is sustainable in the long term, with the ability to attract and maintain good staff, and pay for the additional costs to deliver these services.

Equity- We want all of our members to have a great experience, and the adjustments we have made aim to achieve this. They are designed to increase collaboration amongst our members within the private, public and NGO sectors. A balanced combination of knowledge and experience in all areas is vital to ensuring we get the best for our members. However we remain a community first association and our core goal is to assist the public sector in creating smart communities.

Maintaining Integrity- Whilst we have made changes to increase collaboration amongst our membership typology, we have also made critical changes to our constitution , which protects the core goal of our members by ensuring that our the audience we aim to serve (government and the community) remain in focus.

Inclusiveness and Simplification- There has been a shift in the definition of the partners offering. Under the category of Partners is organisations who will receive complimentary membership and are non-government. The reason for this is to make the private sector feel more included. We don’t want providers of services or products to feel like they are the opposition rather we would like to harness their knowledge and direct it to a positive place.

The long and short of it is, we realise that they are all our members, and we all work towards achieving the same goal, assisting Governments at all three tiers to create smart communities. Now, the only reason we have sub-categories is to determine differences in pricing and service accessibility in accordance with these fees.

Building community- You will notice that many of our services are designed to create circular communication, sharing and a strong sense of community.

The changes in a nutshell:

Non- Government members:

  • Prices changed for private businesses/non-government organisations.

  • Student - now complimentary

  • There has been a shift in the sliding scale/bands where a Non-Government organisation’s revenue correlates to their Membership Fee. In addition to moving the sliding scale/bands, we have added an additional one. Moving from six revenue scales/bands to five. The new bands/pricing categories designed to be fairer

  • Promotion- we have added extra value for Non-Government members, with the active promotion of their organisation in our communications.


  • The offering for each category of membership was not clear- this has been clarified and designed to be fairer.

Categories which have been removed are:

  • Start Up Membership

  • Regions below 20,000

PLEASE NOTE: The removal of the Start-Up category was made rolling this category into Non-Government members - Revenue under $1M. Regions under 20,000 have been removed as most of these are members of RDA/ROCS.

Price changes:

  • ROCS/ RDAS - $186 increase

  • State / Federal Government Agencies - $1500 increase

  • Metro Cities - $106 increase

  • Mid sized Cities - $25 increase

  • Not for Profit Member - $186 increase

  • Individual - $85.00 increase

  • Student - Now complimentary

PLEASE NOTE: Where you will see price increases, please note the changes which have been increased only slightly to ensure that we can continue to deliver our services. These decisions were not made lightly. We have worked hard to create a pricing system that is fair, and will not create large increases for our valued members.

Requirements for complimentary membership:

You will note that there are now an astrix * on complimentary memberships. Organisations who receive complimentary memberships will need to sign a collaborative MOU. This MOU outlines that that they will actively promote ASCA to their members, database, they will contribute to our action forums, they will share research, data and reports, and act in good faith at all times. Active promotion of ASCA will need to be demonstrated.

New services:

  • Additional promotion for Non-Government members with revenue of above $51 million

  • Complimentary event listings

  • Complimentary job listings

  • ASCA Breaky, Brunch or Lunch N’ Learn series

Adjustment comparison chart:

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 12.11.08 pm.png

Fees include GST



Q- Our organisation are already members- does this apply to me?

A - Yes, this does. But do not worry, its a simple process your fee will increase when your next annual membership is due.

Q- Our organisation applied for membership before these changes were made, how does this apply to us?

A- Now that the silly season has past, all outstanding membership applications will be processed. Any applications prior to January 7, will be processed at the past rates. These will increase when the following annual membership is due.

Q- What do I get for my membership fees?

This is all listed on the website under member services- click here to review.

Q- My membership now includes active promotion of our firm with additional logo displays. When will this happen?

These additions are a gesture of thanks to our organisational members who are contributing a significant financial amount to our organisation. We are working on having these added to the website and within our e-news by the end of February. This will take some time to get the additional information required from our members.