Adelaide to host world first at the leading-edge of artificial intelligence

For the first time, a chat bot will use Facebook Messenger to communicate in an intuitive and intelligent way with humans. Chat bots are highly sophisticated computer programs that converse with people using artificial intelligence (AI) and are set to transform the way we interact with the internet.

This innovation is being launched at the Telstra Australian Smart Communities Conference dinner at the Adelaide Oval on Tuesday 30 May. Diners will also be able to experience other vanguard forms of artificial intelligence, including a small humanoid robot with a big personality.

“The movie Her is almost here. Amazingly, it was only in 2013 that the romantic science-fiction Hollywood drama depicted AI technology that people thought would be decades away – computers that really converse in a human way. Now we’re at a juncture where that technology is firmly within our grasp, Xandra co-founder and smart technology expert Zach Johnson said.

“Organisations across the globe are dedicating considerable resources to solve problems related to automation and assistive technologies using AI. While some are focusing on efficiencies, others are looking at improvements to the human condition and, paradoxically, using more technology to improve the human experience."

Mr Johnson will demonstrate at the conference dinner how people and artificially intelligent machines will co-exist in the near future before introducing a special humanoid celebrity for a tour into the “now”.

“Imagine a world where residents and visitors to any region in Australia can ask questions on their phone and have a real conversation with a computer, and be given accurate answers about their immediate surroundings," Australian Smart Communities Association President Michael Whereat said. "That is how this world-first AI technology can help every Australian and every tourist."

The three-course dinner, held in conjunction with the Telstra Australian Smart Communities Conference, starts at 6.30pm. Tickets are $120 each and can be purchased by contacting Megan (who is not a robot) on,au or 0421 172 675.