Webinar: Smart city parking

The Australian Smart Communities Association’s next Future Ready webinar on 12 September features Kieran Fitsall, Head of Service Improvement and Transformation, City Management and Communities, Westminster City Council, London, UK.

Kieran will present on the role that parking needs to play in today's smart city, using the City of Westminster, London as a case study. He will discuss how technology is integral to providing smart parking solutions and the importance of data in understanding demand and usage. In Westminster, this evolution has seen parking become a cashless environment. Kieran will show how by making use of business intelligence, enforcement is both effective and efficient.

Kieran is accountable for looking at future business opportunities, transformational activities, technological innovations, developing the strategic policy and is the lead on all procurement activities. His role covers parking, street management, licensing and highways services. The work Kieran delivered for the Parking Service has been at the forefront of advancing new concepts and ways of working to make parking in the heart of London easier and fairer for all road users, cutting congestion and reducing journey times in the process. Their award winning ParkRight smartphone application is just one aspect of a new approach to managing the kerbside smarter.

Kieran’s current focus includes delivering an electric vehicle charging network to meet an increasing demand, enabling their workforce with the right tools and software to work anywhere and improving digital access to their services for citizens.