CBCITY awarded $1 million to continue Smart Waste Management

The City of Canterbury Bankstown has secured more than $1 million in funding, to boost its ground-breaking waste management project, Closing the Loop On Waste.

Council will match the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program funding, committing a further $1,027,455 to the project, which will use technology to help change the way residents provide and receive communication on waste management issues. While still in the planning phase, the project aims to:

  • Use advanced analytics to detect bin contamination, identify when bins have been missed, and investigate illegal dumping;

  • Upgrade residents’ access to information regarding bin collections days and other programmed services;

  • Use GPS data and live traffic information, to minimise potential delays on collection routes;

  • Enable residents to request services or report incidents, via a real-time and customisable format, that takes into account the diversity of the local community;

  • Provide residents with notifications, when jobs they’ve requested are completed; and

  • Enable residents and organisations to upload images of dumped rubbish, which can be assessed before removal.

Mayor Khal Asfour said work on the project began earlier this year, as part of Council’s commitment to being a Smart City.

“Waste management is a bread-and-butter service for councils right across the state. For Canterbury-Bankstown, it represents 21 per cent of Council’s annual investment and 30 per cent of all engagement with residents,” Mayor Asfour said.

“So, it’s very important, we make sure we’re making every attempt to get it right.

“Our draft Smart CBCity Roadmap, which we launched in October, provides a solid base for how we can help to make our City smarter. As part of our commitment, we’ve already piloted some new technology, like cameras on our garbage trucks, and we’ve used that information for safety and monitoring.

“The next steps are consulting with residents and planning how we implement this project, which we can start on immediately now we have secured this funding.

“We see this as the beginning of a digital waste management system, that could be rolled out across Australia.”

Hari KotrotsiosComment