Report: The Smart Meter Revolution

The Kiwis are leading, and we’re missing out

Australia is second place to New Zealand in the Rugby, Netball and now Smart Meters! Our brothers and sisters over the Tasman Sea are setting the pace in the Smart Meter Revolution with 70% of the nation using Smart Electricity Meters, while back home only 30% of Australians have these meters!

Delos Delta and Topfer & Associates have released their Policy Paper, outlining how Australia is being left behind in the Smart Meter Revolution, and how we can get back on track. The paper is a call to Australia’s Governments, especially State and Federal, for stronger, clearer policy leadership ensuring Australians have access to innovative technology.

Leadership in smart metering policy will not just affect the electricity sector. Smart metering technology can be leveraged in both the gas and water sectors as well, with the potential to reduce bill shock and improve environmental and sustainability outcomes for Australians.

Delos Delta’s Managing Director, Brook Dixon described the current electricity environment as “embarrassing and unstable. Not only are consumers missing out on the opportunity to take control of their electricity usage and monthly bills, but we have also stalled our push to become a Smart City global leader.”

Previous attempts to deploy smart metering systems in Australia have been less than ideal. Global Utilities Expert, Paul Topfer, CEO of Topfer & Associates acknowledges that, “smart metering deployments were significantly undermined following the Victorian experience, however the lessons are now obvious, and the industry is well placed to deliver the promised customer benefits. We just need policy makers to step up to the challenge!”

Paul adds, “Australia is falling behind the rest of the developed world in terms of energy. Prices are rising, integration of renewables is being hampered and customers are not engaged. Quick and effective action is required to assist customers receive better information and control over their consumption. Smart meters are an important initial step in this process.”

Adam Beck, Executive from Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand, describes the implementation of Smart Meters as “an easy on-ramp to a smart cities journey”, a journey which Adam claims is easily backed up by the “enormous benefits financially, environmentally and socially for communities and governments across Australia.”

Read the full policy paper here.

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