The fine print - our commitment, and yours.


Below are the rules and commitments of ASCA Membership. Please be sure to read each of these and be sure that your firm can commit to them.

ASCA Members are expected to:

  • Share knowledge via the various portals available

  • Participate in ASCA policy surveys, and ASCA Forums

  • Attend online Seminars

  • Active promotion of ASCA membership

  • No solicitation is allowed at ASCA events- or in ASCA presentations. Share your knowledge and be nice to each other. The best way to do business is to be known for your smarts and integrity.

    Our commitment to our members

In order to create a collaborative, cross disciplinary environment where our core goals of creating smart communities remain front and centre; and without bias we commit to:

  • Treat all (confidential) information provided to us by our members, as confidential- this will not be utilised to appeal to our non-government members by giving them the “hot tip of what projects are coming to the market. We expect our members to do the same and be mindful of probity when interacting with one another.

  • We will actively promote information from our members to our members which is designed to further the smart community conversation by sharing key lessons/learning and other relevant information. This support will be provided to all of our members.

  • We will represent your needs to the best of our ability and resources.

Terms & Conditions

  • Members are not to speak on behalf of ASCA without prior approval.

  • The views of ASCA are not reflective of individual member organisations.

  • Any views expressed in submissions and advocacy are the views of ASCA and not any of the member organisations.

  • The views of members are not reflective of the Association's beliefs.

  • Certain membership categories includes some additional services. Be sure to read ASCA’s Membership Services Chart to see which ones apply to your category.

  • Various membership services have disclaimers. Please read these before signing up to ASCA Membership


Sounds good? Then what are you waiting for?

Don’t hold off, we’ve got work to do, and smart communities to build.