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SmartLearning Series: Preparing for your smart cities strategy - get it right the first time

23 August - Peter Marklew.png

The most important elements of any Smart Cities project are understanding why you are doing it and the benefits that it will deliver.

Failure to understand these two key components will more than likely lead to projects that are difficult to measure or to perceive any tangible benefit by those that were the intended recipients, or the people who worked to deliver the project.

Time and time again the beginning of a Smart Cities project, or any technology-based activity, is based on the perceived outcome that the technology is supposed to deliver. It then ends in disappointment when the delivery fails to meet expectations.

You must start with defining the problem you are trying to solve, why you need to, the benefits that solving it would deliver, then move to what you need to do to solve it, and finally how you will achieve it.Only then are you able to understand the benefits of the project, the measurables of success, and can define and select the appropriate solution that will assist in delivering the outcome.

Technology is only a tool and without people the benefits are limited.  The community must be engaged from beginning to end to deliver success.

In his seminar, Peter will discuss:

  • The importance of understanding why you are undertaking any Smart City project and its perceived benefits

  • The danger of misunderstanding the above concepts, leading to projects that are difficult to measure

  • The need to define the problem we're looking to solve, the perceived benefits that solving it would deliver and then looking to the actions required

  • How to avoid disappointment when the delivery of technology fails to meet expectations

Presenter: Peter Marklew, Consulting Services Manager - National Business Development Manager, itvision

Peter has been a professional in the IT industry for over 30 years and throughout that time has developed a broad set of technical, operational, and management skills.

Peter has worked within small business, public listed companies, start-up businesses, national IT integration organisations, and held global roles. All the while delivering innovative technologies with a business focus to bring about increases in productivity and cost savings.

Driven by the principle of “Business outcomes are the priority” not just technology for technology’s sake.

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