Working Groups

Industry Board

ASCA has established an Industry Board consisting of leading national and international organisations who are working together to establish collaborations with emerging smart cities and communities.  

The Industry Board is setting out to assist smart cities address challenges, create quick wins, help with planning, develop strategies, data management, smart processes and more. We recognise that the role of cities is changing and they will need to take leadership in a range of social, economic and environmental issues; and in doing so the city becomes a platform for growth, innovations, jobs and lifestyle.  

ASCA recognises this is best achieved through collaboration between local government and industry who can assist in developing the right business and investment models that will benefit the local communities and their citizens.

Working Groups

Working Groups have been established to address key enablers and inhibitors for the development of smart cities. These Working Groups consist of both local government (cities) and industry representatives to drive genuine collaboration and collectively solve the big challenges. The working groups are open to current ASCA business and industry partners.



ASCA seeks to support customers of smart city related technologies and systems to make wise choices regarding the selection of standards that underpin the technologies.
Common standards such as Hypercat and others enable interoperability between devices and systems of different vendors, reducing implementation costs and enabling cities to evolve platforms.
This working group will examine relevant standards to for the smart city movement.
Working Group Chair: Neil Temperley, Data61

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Funding and procurement

A major concern for city leaders is how they can afford smart technology. It might not be possible to reallocate funding for a new project, and it can take months, if not years, to get approval for new funding within a municipality. 
The purpose of the work group is to focus on the various alternative options available to cities looking to acquire funding for smart city projects including structures such as public-private partnership (PPP), finance leasing, concessions and risk/reward models.
Working Group Chair: Michael Fisher, Boon Edam

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City liaison

Build a framework and methodology for city engagement.
Focus on five key pillars for city engagement and thought leadership including public safety, transportation, citizen engagement, energy management and city platform.
Spearhead ACSA industry engagement with local government, starting with Newcastle and Canberra. 

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Participation in Working Groups

Participation is Working Groups is open to current ASCA business and industry partners. Read more about how to join ASCA.
To enquire about joining a Working Group contact: