Future Ready

The Australian Smart Communities Association and the Australian Government have partnered to deliver a series of Future Ready webinars to kick-start communities’ digital transformation journeys. These webinars are available in a series of videos (below). 

Future Ready is a smart cities incubator series that sits alongside the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program. It uses collaboration, connection and co-learning to grow smart city capability. We’ll explore smart city case studies from global leaders, share the tips and the tricks of digital success, investigate new business models, and talk citizen-centric design.


"Thanks for running the Future Ready webinar today. Sergio’s presentation was ‘on point’, and I look forward to applying some of the frameworks and processes discussed in the Alice Springs context." - Isabelle Collins, Policy Officer, Regional Network Group, Department of the Chief Minister, Northern Territory Government of Australia

"I think the Future Ready webinars are a great resource! As a beginner in the smart city space, they provide excellent advice for how to start and provide a launching pad for further investigations." - Rebecca Jacobs, Strategic Planner, Randwick City Council

"An innovative way to connect, communicate and create inspiration."

"All the sessions have been really valuable, its a new and exciting space where there is a lot to learn."


Webinar videos

#1 - 5 May 2017: Welcome session+-

PowerPoint presentation

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#2 - 11 May 2017: The global view+-
#3 - 18 May 2017: A conversation with councils going smart: city, regional and remote +-

PowerPoint presentations
#4 - 13 June 2017: Embracing the Internet of Things to accelerate smart cities outcomes+-
#5 - 23 June 2017: Community engagement +-
PowerPoint presentations
#6 - 19 July 2017: The Digital Marketplace+-
PowerPoint presentations
#7 - 3 August 2017: Smart city street lighting+-
PowerPoint presentations
#8 - 16 August 2017: Creating an Innovation Roadmap to drive your smart city vision+-
PowerPoint presentation
#9 - 21 September 2017: Smart parking in the smart city+-
PowerPoint presentation


#10 - 27 September 2017: Smart leadership+-


PowerPoint presentation



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