ASCA appoints Paul Budde as EO

The Australian Smart Communities Association (ASCA) has appointed Paul Budde as its part-time Executive Officer to facilitate a collaborative platform for smart city projects across councils, industry and communities.

Mr Budde (pictured) has extensive experience in strategic planning of government and business innovation and transformation and specialises in the strategic planning around converging markets, aimed at building smart cities and smart communities.

He has also been integrally involved with the Australian Government in the strategic developments which led to the National Broadband Network (NBN) and to national smart grid policies.

“ASCA is continuing to advocate on behalf of our members to advance Australia’s digital economy. As Executive Officer, Mr Budde is working with our member councils to establish regional cooperation and a local city platform with industry and other stakeholders based on open systems, holistic strategies and innovative business models,” ASCA President Michael Whereat said.

“Mr Budde has also been actively involved with the Prime Minister’s Office and recently met with Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation Angus Taylor to discuss the development of smart cities solutions and initiatives outlined in the government’s Smart Cities Plan released earlier this month.”

Mr Whereat said ASCA and Australia’s smart communities were well placed to take advantage of these opportunities and be recognised as leaders in smart city developments through their collaborative approach.

“Based on lessons learned from within Australia and globally, the key to success is a strategic, holistic approach to smart cities by local councils.

“A collaborative platform will provide leadership in the development of policies and strategies for building smart cities in the new sustainable, interconnected, sharing and digital economy,” Mr Whereat said.


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